Thursday, January 04, 2007

This has never, ever happened to me before.

Today started out as one of those days that makes you want to chuck it all and move into the witness protection program. The Cheeto is teething or something, and has been sleeping poorly for a few days, but was up EVERY 40 MINUTES last night. Then this morning, she steadfastly refused to nap. I was, to put it mildly, on edge.

But thank heavens for friends. I had an appointment to go for a walk with a friend today, and despite having absolutely no desire to move, I threw the kid in the stroller and went.

And then it happened.

As we walked, I found myself feeling better. Tired and winded, yes, but also really, really good. It felt great to be moving my body, after a two-week long hiatus from my exercise class.

For years, people have been telling me that exercise makes you feel better, and to be honest, I've always thought it was a crock. I never feel better after exercising. I feel tired and sticky and I want a shower. So I'm very excited that working out today, however mildly, helped my rotten mood.

The high lasted long enough for me to play with the Cheeto, put her down for her nap, check my email and start this post. Then the kid decided that (a) 20 minutes is a perfectly reasonable amount of sleep for a kid who got maybe 5 hours last night, and (b) that I must hold her and never, ever let her go. She's currently screaming at me, and I'm right back down in the pits. I'd better go quiet her down.

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