Sunday, April 15, 2007


Things have been busy here. M has actually been napping well, which, counter-intuitively, means I have less computer time. I only hang out on the computer when she's napping poorly, because there's no point in starting a productive project only to be interrupted. When I know she'll probably sleep for an hour, though, I dive into whatever it is I have to do that day.

Anyway, I must have composed 10 different posts in my mind over the past few weeks, but haven't gotten around to writing them. So here are some quickies about what's been going on here lately:

1. I passed the bar! I am very, very relieved and very, very grateful to the Boy and his parents, without whom I never could have passed.

2. We just got back from four days in West-Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas. Turned out, it was one of our most pleasant vacations ever. We were there for the wedding of a cousin, and ended up spending our days hanging out at the town's playground or at the hotel pool, shooting the breeze with family members who we almost never get to see. It was a lovely, low-stress break. I was so relaxed that I didn't even mind that the pool was filthy. I just skimmed the fake fingernails and clumps of hair out of the water and jumped on in with the baby.

3. A miracle occurred on the return from our Texas trip. M fell asleep halfway through the flight home, and remained asleep while we landed, disembarked, walked through the airport, claimed our baggage, found our car, loaded her into it, drove home, pulled her out of the car, and laid her in her crib. She then proceeded to sleep through the night. This is the same child who will wake up if a phone of any sort rings anywhere in the house while she's napping. Apparently, all it takes to make her a good sleeper is three straight days of sleep deprivation.

4. An acquaintance invited me to join one of those social networking sites for moms. I joined, but shortly thereafter, learned that I am not the kind of person who can handle being a member. Someone invited me to be their "friend," and I immediately panicked. Who is this woman? What does she want from me? I don't even know her! I didn't respond to her email, and have been avoiding the site since. I may have to enter the witness protection program. Clearly, social networking ain't for me.

5. M has learned to climb. I turned around the other day, and she had pulled one of her toys over to the coffee table and used it as a step to help her climb on top. She was just starting to stand up on the table when I caught her. I'm not sure whether to be proud or terrified. In related news, she's also tall enough now to reach the lock on the bathroom door.

That's all I can remember right now. Plus the Boy just came up here and almost caught me blogging (he does not know I have this blog, and for some reason, I feel the need to keep it a secret). I'd better go.

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