Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shh, Don't Tell

It was a lovely Mother's Day weekend here. We took M down to see her granny (The Boy's Mom) yesterday. They live on this beautiful lake, and we were looking forward to letting M swim, since she's so enamored of her wading pool. The water was way too cold for comfortable swimming, but M didn't care. She had a blast, despite her chattering jaw.

Swimming was followed by dinner prepared by the Boy and his dad -- steak for the guys, lobster for the moms. I'd forgotten how much I love lobster, since I don't think I eat it more than once every few years. I didn't even share with M, justifying my greediness with the theory that little kids shouldn't eat shellfish. She did, however, get her first taste of steak, and she approved heartily.

After M was safely stowed in the pack and play for the night, we spent a few fun hours playing Texas Hold-em poker, one of my favorite pastimes. My MIL won big, on the river every single hand. She attributed her success to her recent screening of Casino Royale.

Today was my mother's day celebration -- The Boy took care of M and allowed me to have a fun day. From The Boy I got a much-needed boost to my clothing budget. M gave me cash, which I promptly turned into a new concealer, lipstick and nail polish at the newly-opened Ulta nearby. Aside from a rather nasty bout of nausea on our way home from the in-laws' this morning, it was a thoroughly pleasant day.

Of course, even nausea can be a good thing. As soon as that queasy feeling started, I knew exactly what was going on. I'm pregnant again, a fact confirmed by a test today. This doesn't exactly come as a surprise, as we were trying, but I'm still giddy and happy and hopeful and scared. I really, really want this pregnancy to work out. For some reason, I feel really positive about everything this time. I've been taking my folic acid, and I've been pretty good, alcohol-wise. I also feel better about this pregnancy than the last one, but I can't quite describe the feeling.

At any rate, it's way too early to be hoping for anything. I'm not even late yet, so it'll be weeks and weeks before I can spill to anyone I know IRL. That's part of the reason I'm so glad for this blog. I can talk about being pregnant and pretend nobody's reading, anyway.

Anywho, happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.

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chris said...

Congrats and best of luck! Oh, and the clothing thing (above post) does suck. Don't these people want to make money?