Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Clomid, Ho!

Went to the fertility guy today. I'm going to start taking Clomid next month, and they'll monitor me to make sure I'm ovulating, and to see when and on which side. If, after three months of that, I'm not pregnant, we'll jump to IVF.

At this point, I'm just so glad ot have a plan, any plan. And if we end up having to do IVF, then at least we can say we tried everything else that we could have. Plus, this doctor is just so optimistic that every time I leave his office, I feel certain that I'm going to get pregnant. It may not be true, but the feeling is reassuring.

The only monkey wrench in the plan is that I cannot take Clomid if I'm breastfeeding. So I have approximately 20 days to wean M. Seeing as I've been trying to wean her since she was 11 months old (using the "don't offer, don't refuse" method, which, roughly translated, means "you're going to nursing until your kid gos to college"), this is no small order. At this point, I am seriously considering putting Tabasco sauce on my nipples (except, of course, that M has a demonstrated preference for spicy foods. Seriously. We fed her spicy tortilla soup, and after the first bite, she cried that her mouth was hot. Then she asked for more, and proceeded to slurp down a whole bowl. Meantime, I was chugging milk to cool my own mouth down). Lately, she does believe me if I tell her my breasts are empty, but she just comes back and asks again 20 minutes later.

Anyway, just in case there are lurkers out there, I'd appreciate weaning tips from any and all of you. And perhaps, just maybe, someone could tell me that it's not wrong to wean one kid just so I can try to have another? Please?


Jana said...

I'm so glad you've got a plan of action. Unfortunately, I have no advice on the weaning since my little guy weaned himself at 10 months. And don't feel bad for weaning her so that you can conceive again; you're just trying to give her the best gift in the world - a sibling.

Katrina said...

As tough as it is, cold turkey may be the way to go. Maybe the boobs aren't just empty right now, but they ran out of milk entirely? Just a thought...

Best of luck with the clomid! It is evil stuff but I hope it works for ya! Email anytime as we did several rounds of clo-mean as we call it. ;o)

Safire said...

I weaned my daughter at 15 months to start taking clomid again. I had some guilt that I was taking this wonderful thing away from her just so that she could have a sibling. It's worth it though. Siblings are important too! I just took out a feeding every few days and I would give her a sippy cup or apple sauce instead. She was easily distracted and just ended up forgetting. And I was firm about totally refusing if she asked for it. There were some tears on both of our parts, but it happened in about 25 days. Good luck!