Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

So The Boy wanted to do something for the guys in his group at work this year. We're putting together little gift baskets for them, and I volunteered to make some goodies for them. I figured I'd make a couple dozen cookies and maybe some fudge.

Big mistake. I made a "practice" batch of fudge today. Or, rather, I should say, I'm still making the practice batch. It's 5:30 pm. I started at 3:00. And this is a simple, basic, fudge recipe, nothing fancy. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong -- I've been beating this stuff four a half an hour, my hands are about to fall off, and in no way does it resemble the "smooth, matte texture that the recipe specifies.

Looks like the guys'll be getting some easy, no-cook fudge instead. I'm clearly no Betty Crocker.

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