Monday, February 18, 2008

Flip Side

I know I've railed here before about how hard it is to find retail shops that actually want fat chicks on the premises. There are many retail stores that are happy to take a fat girl's money, but only if she agrees to buy her clothes without ever seeing them or trying them on, and also to pay a premium for the "convenience" of home shipping.

Usually, as you can tell from my totally even-handed intro paragraph, the inability to shop in actual stores pisses me off. But sometimes, it's a blessing.

I mean, really. What if my poor, unsuspecting eyes had actually been subjected to this in person? Good Gravy. A romper? They want women to wear rompers? You get the feeling that it's a part of a bet among the designers at Old Navy about exactly what they can get American women to wear. I'll bet someone wins $100 if these little babies actually sell.

On the other hand, this dress is adorable. If I wore dresses (and, of course, if they sold it in fat sizes), I might actually be tempted.


judy said...

A romper? That is just in poor taste. I like the wrap dress, although I would only wear it with high boots and a big necklace or earrings.
How goes the spotting?

Paranoid said...

Good, actually. Apparently, spotting is a sign that my estrogen levels are falling, which is a good thing. I'm hoping that at my appointment next week, I'll find out that the cyst has disappeared as magically as it appeared, and that we're finally able to move forward.

judy said...

Please post a comment on my insecurity is taking over.....giggling as I post this

chris said...

Bwa haa haa! That outfit is ridiculous.

Good luck!