Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh, this kid

As I sit here typing this, M's been in her crib for almost two hours. She's supposed to be sleeping, but instead has been singing, jumping around, and lying her little head off in increasingly desperate attempts to avoid actually napping. So far, she's claimed to have a dirty diaper (um, no), to be hungry (no again, given that she ate her weight in muffins at playgroup today), and (my personal favorite) that she actually already did take a nap and has now woken up.

Normally, all of this would have me trolling Amazon for the Kelly Blue Book Guide to Used Toddlers, but I just can't bring myself to get that worked up. Why? Because she is now sitting there, in the crib, making up her own little ditty. Here are the lyrics: "ooooh, where is mommy? Where is mommy? Where can she be?"

I tell you, it's darn hard to write a "child for sale" ad when you're laughing to hard to see the computer screen.

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