Saturday, March 22, 2008

5dp5dt, and stupider than ever

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, I tested this morning. At 3 minutes, it was resoundingly negative. At 7 minutes, there was a faaaaaaaaint line that is most likely an evaporation line, but nevertheless is enough to keep me from being sure I'm not pregnant.

Having spent the last hour or so googling "5dt5dt" in search of people who had negative HPTs and were still pregnant (they do exist, though it seems that twins are definitely out of the question at this point), I am now in the stage where I start rationalizing hope. Here's what I've got so far...

1. Most obviously, it was way too early to test. Heck, those little guys have barely had time to explore their new home, let alone unpack and start leaving their mark on the place! I should give them a couple more days.

2. I used an el cheapo dollar-store pregnancy test. Who knows? Maybe those kind only pick up a positive once you're actually in labor. I should have used a First Response. Too bad I'm so cheap.

3. Really, it might not have been an evaporation line. Really!

4. The tops of my breasts are the slightest bit sore, as opposed to just the sides and bottoms.

Aren't you glad I share all of this information with you all?


Mrs.X said...

Step away from the tests. I repeat, step away from them! The anxiety that they cause cannot be good for you and it's like peeing money away. Go read a book, play with M, or meditate. Anything but peeing on a stick!

judy said...

Hey go here and spread the word