Thursday, March 13, 2008

Um, forget that last post

AKA Lefty Comes Through

After I posted about the 4:00 phone call, I started leaving messages at the clinic (I know, that makes me kind of a spoiled brat, but my rationale is that if there was bad news, I needed to know before I took my progesterone shot).

Anyway, I finally paged the doctor, who called back promptly. He said he didn't have specific info for me, but that he knew we had some fertilizations. Shortly thereafter, the embryologist called with GREAT news -- seven (SEVEN!) of the ten eggs fertilized normally. I'd thought I'd be lucky for four to fertilize. But seven! That's good luck beyond my wildest dreams.

Guess those eggs on the left side were good, after all.

Next worry -- transfer. The doctor says he wants to put back the four best embryos, given my "high FSH" and prior cancellation (I hadn't realized that having one's cycle postponed before we even started equalled a cancellation). I'm not sure about putting so many back, because we have to at least consider that they all could take, and I'm not sure I'm up for quads. We honestly never thought we'd have to face that particular choice, but here we are.


Mrs.X said...

Yay, yay, yay! I hope all seven continue to grow! What fabulous news!

Katrina said...

WOOOOOHOOOO! 7 is great! Staying in a crossed up knot for ya that they grow and you have some awesome embryos for transfer!

judy said...

one day at a time. You are doing such a good job, keep us informed.

Nicole said...

That's wonderful news! I guess the lab slapped your "late news is bad news" theory in the face! WooHoo! Oh, wait... maybe they thought 7 WAS bad news.

Wishing you luck on the next step of your journey.