Monday, April 14, 2008

First Steps

I joined my gym's 12-week weight loss program today. It's a pretty cool program -- small group workouts 3x a week led by a personal trainer, weekly nutrition classes, a "personalized" meal plan, and a weekly review of your food diary by the personal trainer.

I tell you, nothing motivates good food choices faster than the prospect of being judged by a fit, skinny person.

Anyway, I started the workouts and food diary today, but won't actually get my meal plan until Wednesday. IN the meantime, I've just been instructed to eat every three hours and write every bite down. Until I actually get my meal plan, I'm trying to pretend I don't know that a Chick-fil-a sandwich isn't exactly a wise dietary choice. At least I didn't get the fries, too.

This past weekend, I also weighed myself for the first time in several months. Surprisingly, things weren't as bad as I'd feared. I thought I'd gained 30 pounds this past year, but it was really only 20 (or perhaps 25, with last week's stomach bug helping me out a little). Still not good, but it's ten extra pounds I don't have to worry about losing.

So there we go. From now until July 4, I'm officially on a diet. There's no chance in hell I'll be posting my actual weight on this blog, so let's just call today 0. I'll update as I go along with how much weight I manage to lose.

(oh, and we're still trying this month, and will still try for a frozen cycle next month. I'm just assuming for the moment that we'll be needing another fresh cycle rather than waiting until we know for sure I'll need it before working on the weight loss).


meh said...

You Go Girl! I am cheering you on and knowing you can do anything you really want to do. I know you won't believe me when i say I have no willpower - but I don't. I am blessed with decent genes that keep me from weighing a ton more than I do. But a few weeks of pizza and fries (can I admit I love mcDonalds??) and my jeans don't fit. None of my clothes from last summer fit - and I bought a TON in prep for the "cruise from hell." I will be cheering you on and trying to behave along with you. But first I need to finish that leftover pizza in the fridge. So we start tomorrow - um wednesday - right?

Seriously, You Rock. Cheers to you for signing up!

judy said...

This will happen for you...You guys might want to check out my most recent blog....with kids lullabies are needed. And this one is especially sweet.