Monday, April 21, 2008

We're (Maybe, Possibly) Going to Disney World!

The Boy and I are terrible at vacations. The last time we went on a real, honest-to-goodness vacation was on our honeymoon, almost 9 years ago. We have taken a few (four, I think) long-weekend trips since then, but by and large, any vacation time we've used has been burned on family stuff (weddings, holidays, obligatory visits, etc. Not exactly the stuff of dreams).

It's not quite that we don't want to go on vacation. We do, I swear. But the thing is, we're cheap. Generally, faced with the prospect of actually paying to spend a week somewhere, we think about it and maybe even plan a little, then decide to spend the money on something else or just squirrel it away in our bank account. Not that this was such a bad thing -- it's partially due to our parsimony that we can afford our IVF cycles.

Lately, though, The Boy has a bug in his ear about vacations. His office recently started the process of closing down, so he's looking for a job. And while it's great that in the last three years, he's saved up 8 weeks of vacation time, he's also a little bummed about what that says about him and about us as a family (in all fairness, though, he seems to forget that for the last two years, he was intentionally hoarding vacation so he could take paternity leave for the babies we lost). So we're thinking about possible vacations. I think we'll spend a long weekend at the beach this year, and then maybe take a week in the fall for Disney.

I love Disney World. I went several times when I was younger, and am having a blast planning out this trip. There are so many things I think M would absolutely love, and I can't wait to show them to her. I already have a four-page list of the attractions she'll probably like best (not that I intend on dragging her to each and every one), as well as a list of restaurants to try and things to do when we're not in the parks. I think if we plan carefully and try to refrain from packing too much into each day, we can have a great vacation. As long as we don't cheap out before I actually get around to making our reservations.

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Katrina said...

We are going to DW in 17 days! Wooohooo! I say go for it! The Disney folks are super awesome to work with when planning the vacation. Also, book your restaurant reservations as soon as you say Cinderella's Castle! M would LOVE that! It books 6 months in advance, so book soon!