Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Theme Song

There are certain songs that always evoke the memories and feelings from a certain point in my life. Play any song off of Aerosmith's Pump and I'm back in 9th grade. What's Up by Four Non Blondes and No Rain by Blind Melon whoosh me back to my first year of college, to that point the happiest time in my life. Life In a Nutshell by Barenaked Ladies bring back the night The Boy and I danced together in the parking lot of a friend's townhouse building, a few hours before out first kiss. Mm-Bop, in all it's glorious cheese, brings me back to college grad week. And thanks to my then-13-year-old cousin, I want it That Way by the Backsteet Boys will forever evoke my wedding day (to clarify: I was not a fan, but she sang it at the reception).

It seems that the soundtrack of my infertility journey is the entire Despite Our Differences album by the Indigo Girls. In particular, this song just seems to sum everything I'm feeling up. I know it's about a failed relationship (and the video is, hilariously, about a failed presidency), but so much of it is also true to how infertility has felt. I find myself listening to it almost every time I make the trek to the clinic.

It will be interesting, in the years to come, to learn whether music that features in the sad parts of life evokes emotion as strongly as the music from happy times. I kind of hope it doesn't, because I quite like this album and want to be able to listen to it in the future without becoming depressed.


The Girl Next Door said...

Songs take me back to "that moment in time" in a heartbeat. I truly hope these are ultimately happy memories for you!

judy said...

Some of the older Indigo Girls songs bring me back to a very difficult time in my life. I hear you!