Monday, May 26, 2008

This is the Life

I've spent the last few hours sitting in the backyard, sipping my (decaf) iced coffee, reading a novel and watching as M and the Boy splash in M's newly-acquired, ridiculously elaborate wading pool. Only thing that would have made it more perfect would be a pitcher of some frosty alcoholic drink, but I'm abstaining for the moment.

How are you spending this Memorial Day?


And in other news, I sort-of promised myself I wouldn't be the kind of obsessive person who posts on every twinge. But I'm feeling crampy today -- nothing really painful, but also nothing I've ever experienced before. Implantation? Just plain cramps? Product of an overactive imagination? I can't decide.


judy said...

I just posted about my weekend.
I say just some gas twinges for you right now!

PJ said...

OK tell me about the poor responder part, which is different than the low reserve? I just really am not satisfied with the "some months are better than others" answer I got from my R.E. Who is brilliant, and I should trust him but... I shot myself with $2500 of meds, and part of me wants a better answer. What was your last protocol? I'm getting ready to do Lupron Flare.

Love your blog, btw!

PJ said...

Hey, thanks for answering my questions. You had the antagonist protocol, like I did. Only I had 375iu's of Gonal F and then Ganerilex. The RE thinks that would work if we tried it again, but just to be safe they are trying another protocol next time, with 450iu's GonalF, and lupron (eww).

Anyway, thanks again!