Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Mrs. X tagged me for this meme. Here goes:

1) What were you doing 10 years ago? Touring Italy with some law school friends. I'd just finished my first year of law school. In order to graduate in four years (I was in the night program), I needed to take at least one set of summer classes, and my school ran a month-long program in Florence. I'd get six credits and spend my non-class time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Who could say no? I informed my boss that I'd be taking a leave of absence, and signed up. To date, it's the only really irresponsible thing I've ever done, and I've never regretted it.

(oh, and also, 10 years and about three weeks ago, I got engaged to The Boy).

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list today? 1. Get groceries and sunscreen, 2. Do M's laundry. 3. Fold M's laundry that I did last week (I am terrible at folding and putting clothes away), 4. Figure out what to make for dinner, 5. Try to create some semblance of order out of the mess that is my kitchen.

3) List some snacks you enjoy: When I'm being bad, Cheetos Puffcorn or Pringles Stix. When I'm being better, a Fudgesicle, a turkey sandwich on light bread, or fresh berries with a little whipped cream.

4) What would you do with a billion dollars?: Oh, so many things. First, pay off my student loans. Second, start a college fund for M and all of my nieces and nephews (and M's friends, if their parents wouldn't object). Third, hire a decorator, a personal trainer and a personal chef, and maybe someone to follow me around and make sure I don't eat everything in sight. Fourth, set up a scholarship at my undergrad university for kids like me, who find themselves with parents who, while technically able to pay tuition, choose not to. Fifth, pick a few causes that are really important to me and donate generously to each. And in all honestly, somewhere in there, I'd throw a ginormous party for all of our friends and family. And shop. A lot.

5) List the places you have lived: I've been an east-coaster all my life -- grew up in NJ, undergrad in Connecticut, law school in DC, and now I (gasp!) live in the South.

6) List the jobs you've had: summer maintenance worker for my school system, nanny, salesgirl at Express (only job from which I ever got fired), salesgirl at a bakery (yum!), salesgirl at college bookstore (for about three days), library clerk (briefly), resident assistant, secretary, legal assistant, paralegal, attorney.

I have to think about who I want to tag -- I know a lot of the people I would have tagged have already done this one or a very similar one. I'll update later with some names.


meh said...

How did I never know you lived in Italy??!! Cool.

Thinking of you. Daily.

Bossman is 50 on Monday - can you believe it?! Miss you.

Sam said...

Just one question! How did you get fired from Express - what did you do!? Or you just have a stupid boss?

Anonymous said...

Here from NCLM - I enjoyed reading your answers and can identify w/ quite a few of them!

Congrats on your 5w u/s!!!! How exciting !