Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spitting Mad

Do you ever have one of those situations where you're mad enough to want to throw things and scream and basically be the bitch of all bitches? Only you can't do any of those things because you're an adult, and you can't even discuss why you're so mad because it would be disloyal and wrong to the person you're mad at?

That's me right now. I want to kill The Boy, and there is not a single person in the world I can discuss the issue with. I decided a while ago that since The Boy doesn't know about this blog, that it wouldn't be right for me to post negative things about him here. And it's too late to call any of my friends, with whom, BTW, I wouldn't tend to discuss The Boy anyway. So I sit, fuming, with nowhere to direct my anger.

(oh, and don't worry. He didn't cheat or ask for divorce or anything horrible or life-shattering. It's just one of those really annoying domestic situations.)


Katrina said...

Oh often it's scary. Feel free to email and I'll send ya my number. This is move week and I can SOOOOO relate to what you are saying but aren't saying!

The Girl Next Door said...

I don't think you reaaaally want to know what I think on this topic....