Monday, October 06, 2008

Enough Whining

I had another whiny post up this morning, and after reading it again, I decided that the last thing this blog needs is another obnoxious post complaining about something insignificant. So, I deleted it.

Instead, I leave you with this moment in parenting, which is still making me giggle three days later:

M (over baby monitor): Uhrng! Ugh! (the grunt of a child exerting herself).
Me (wandering in to see M with her hands stuck between her bed and the wall): Hey baby, whatcha doing?
M: Uuuum, nuffin. Go 'way.

For the record, M was trying to rip the tags off of her mattress. I don't know what's with that kid. She hates tags on anything. But the "uuuum, nuffin" killed me then and is still killing me.

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