Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Making a List...

I'm in an almost embarrasingly good mood these days. I think I really, finally have given over to the idea that we're almost definitely going to have a baby soon (in 5 weeks, if M's 38-week arrival sets any precedent). I seem to be kicking the diabetes' butt, and am down to monitoring my sugars every other day. The Christmas shopping is done, as is most of the wrapping, and The Boy has almost managed to clear all of his crap out of the room that will eventually be the baby's. We picked out and purchased paint for that room, and may even have decided on her name. We've hired a doula. Things are on track.

And, surprisingly, the one thing that could really be a pain in the rear is turning out to be kind of fun, too. I speak, of course, of the "no sugar" thing, during the holidays. To deal with it, I've been keeping a running list of the foods I'll be making/ordering (and eating, of course) as soon as the baby's born. As it happens, the list is making it really easy for me to deal with the temporary sense of deprivation. And here it is:

1. Brownies. Ooey, gooey, fudgy brownies.
2. Lasagne
3. Chinese food with lots and lots of rice.
4. Sandies, aka the best Christmas cookies ever. I'm drooling just thinking about them.
5. Fettucine Alfredo
6. Cereal. With milk.
7. Milk. Nice, icy cold milk.
8. Pretty much anything ever made on this site.
9. Ditto this one.
10. Tiramisu. I think I'll make this first. And often.
11. Pizza. I wonder if my local joint will deliver to the hospital?
12. Fried shrimp (welcome to my latest craving).
13. A Wendy's Chocolate Frosty.
14. Cupcakes, to make up for all of the birthday cupcakes I've skipped in the last month.
15. Orange Juice
16. VODKA! Lots of it (ok,well probably just tiny sips until the baby's old enough to be on a consistent nursing schedule, so as to not get her drunk).
17. A three-course meal at the Melting Pot.
18. Chocolate covered ginger snaps, which Trader Joe's is apparently selling this year. I haven't even tried one, and yet it makes the list because they sound so good.
19. Ice cream.
20. These incredible biscotti that a friend of mine brought over today that I couldn't help myself and tried and now I want to eat the entire bag.

That's all, I think. Chances are, I won't be posting here before Christmas, so Merry Christmas to whomever's reading. I hope you have a happy, relaxing and fun holiday.


Rachel said...

I love your list! I'll admit I didn't just leave it to making a list - I actually stashed piles of sugary desserts in my freezer in anticipation. Whatever gets you through, gets you through.

Bean said...

That looks like one yummy list!
Happy Holidays!