Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Friends Braxton and Hicks

So, for the last three days, I've been having a ton of braxton-hicks contractions. I know they don't mean anything, but it's still very exciting. It makes me feel like I'm making progress, even if there's not really anything going on.

Of course, I ferverently hope not to go into labor for at least another week. I can't afford to -- my doula's booked until at least Monday, and I have two preschool tours scheduled for next week. Can't miss the preschool tours, or M will end up going to "uncle Jed's place for larnen'" in the fall. (I say this with tongue firmly in cheek, since I think it's ridiculous that preschool enrollment happens a whole 9 months before the kids will actually start school).

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K said...

my skills are a lil rusty but i'd be happy to sub-doula for ya if something comes up!