Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Posts You Never See

I know that I don't actually post here every day, but believe it or not, I do actually write almost every day. It's just that sometimes, I read over what I wrote and decide it's not fit for public consumption. In that spirit (and so you can count your blessings), here's a list of the posts I haven't published in the last week.

- A post about my mom and her (lack of ) reading comprehension skills (too mean);
- The story of M's first nosebleed (too boring, even for me);
- A hormonally-induced post about how my kid is clearly the smartest, cutest, most wonderful child in the world (too nauseating, even for me);
- Various and sundry rants about everything from lack of sleep to my current cold to The Boy's job (there's only so much whining a person can do, and I suspect that I regularly exceed my limit);
- A description of M's first dance class. This one may eventually see the light of day, just 'cause the class was so cute.

Of course, I don't really know the point of this post, except to assure you all that I'm not always sitting here, obsessing over this baby and her upcoming birth. Really. I only do that for 6-70% of my day, tops.

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