Friday, December 29, 2006

I want it now!

I just read about this. It's a dance club, open during the afternoon, for parents to bring their kids. Can I just say what an awesome idea this is? Now I'm wondering if my little corner of suburbia is too suburban to have a dance club where we could lobby for a franchise. I think the Cheeto would love it, as would I.

In other news, the Cheeto is starting to walk. She's sneaky about it, though. Aside from the odd step here and there, she won't walk unless she thinks I'm not looking. But I've caught her out of the corner of my eye taking up to five steps at a time. Of course, as soon as she catches on that I see her, she drops to her knees and gives me a "who, me? No, I'm not walking. Now carry me up the stairs" look. It's very funny.

1 comment:

meh said...

OH BOY are you in for it!! Way too funny. She's a smart one that Cheeto! Takes after the mama, to be sure (no offense to The Boy)