Friday, July 20, 2007


  • I figured out why I'm so freaked out by The Boy's desire to start trying again. In the past, when we've been trying and haven't gotten pregnant in any given month, it's been no big deal, and it has meant nothing more than the timing wasn't right. Now, if we try and fail, it will be A Symptom; proof that something is wrong and a possible indication that this is what it will be like every month we go without technological intervention. I'm not sure that identifying my fear makes anything different, but I feel better for having figured out what's going on in my head.
  • I've been fighting a wave of spousal irritation for the past week. I've found myself getting irked by the things that The Boy requests of me, and conveniently forgetting just how much I ask of him. I started to write a post detailing my specific irks, but I think I'll sit on it for a while until I regain some perspective. In the meantime, if you read in the paper that some woman went crazy and shot her husband for coming home from sailing at 10:00 pm and asking "So, what's for dinner?", head right over here for instructions on how to contribute to my legal defense fund.
  • M is teething, bigtime. I think she's getting in four molars at once. Two nights ago, she didn't sleep. At all. She flatly refused to sleep in her crib, leading us to resort to sitting in the recliner with her just to get a break from the screaming. And that was after we gave her Tylenol! Last night, we went with Motrin, and it seemed to work much better. She still fought sleep for over an hour, but once she went down, she slept for 12 hours.
  • We had another leap in verbal abilities. M can now say four-word sentences and has a flock of new words, the funniest of which is delicious. When we gave her her motrin last night, she looked at me after swallowing, and went "mmmmm, deLISHis." Too funny.
  • At the grocery store the other day, Maggie started saying "trinkle, tickle." I was a little bemused, until she continued "li-lul stahhhhhhh." Yep, that's "Twinkle, twinkle little star," and she can sing the entire song. It's hysterical. Only about every second word is clear, but she's definitely got the whole thing down. She's been singing it nonstop for the last few days. Too bad she has no sense of pitch yet.
  • Imelda over here wants a pair of crocs. She spent most of last weekend trying on her cousin's pair. When we went to the shoe store last week, she went nuts over the crocs display. The owner let her wear a pair around while I shopped, and she was as happy as I've ever seen her. She had a fit when I took them off so we could go home. Now I'm trying to decide if I should spend $30 on a pair of shoes she doesn't need just because they make her so very happy. I'm trying to hold out for fall, so at least I can coordinate the shoes with her fall clothes.
  • Have I mentioned how much Crocs bug me? They look comfy and cute, I'll admit. I'm tempted to get a pair of the flip-flops for myself, and will probably end up buying some for M. But the bright colors confound me. Pretty much any color I bought M would clash with several of her outfits, which might make my head explode. It already bugs me enough to go to the park and see kids running around with shoes that neither match nor coordinate with anything else they're wearing. I can't imagine willingly doing it myself. I guess I could pick a color then build her wardrobe around it, but that seems a little weird.


Anne said...

Came across your blog trying to find info about NC bar exam schedule. Crazy question but can't seem to find the info anywhere: What happens with lunch? My daughter will be taking the bar next week and I am planning to drop her off - she won't have a car. Is food available at FairGrounds or do people leave and get their own lunch? How long is the break? This mess about no cell phones, etc. causes a communication problem! I would appreciate any info you can give on this. Thanks!!

Paranoid said...

That's totally not a stupid question -- I wish I'd though some more about it before I got there. I actually ended up giving a ride to a fellow examinee who had no car, no lunch, and no idea where to go.

There wasn't food available at the fairgrounds in February. You basically get out for lunch and have an hour (or more, if you get done early, which practically nobody does on essay day) to find sustenance. There's a Wendy's nearby (if memory serves, it's at the corner of Edwards Mill Rd. and the road that the fairgrounds is off of (not Blue Ridge, the other one). Otherwise, there are several eating opportunities if you go the other direction on Edwards Mill, including the food court at Crabtree Valley Mall.

If you have to pick your daughter up anyway, you may consider just bringing a lunch for her to eat at the fairgrounds.

Please tell your daughter good luck for me. I don't envy her the stress she's probably feeling. But if I passed, anyone can pass, believe me.

Anne said...

Thanks so very much for your help! It removed an unnecessary stress for us which I'm sure that you can appreciate.