Thursday, July 26, 2007


I had a post almost completely written about how the Boy is driving me nuts these days, but just writing it made me all mad again. I decided that, for the sake of my continued marital status, the post should be abandoned. In it's place, I bring you more tidbits:
  • The Boy's sister and her daughter, MC (who I've mentioned before), were in town visiting these last few weeks. On Saturday, MC decided that we should have Harry Potter party, to celebrate the newest book's release (although, at 5 years old, MC is not actually allowed to read this one). MC assigned us all roles, and we ran around wearing hats made from newspaper, in robes made from blankets, waving our "wands." M was Ginny, and my other SIL taught her how to point her wand at something and say "poof," so that's what M did all weekend. It was quite a lot of fun, especially the part where the Boy's dad, who's never read the books but was nonetheless assigned the plum role of Dumbledore, tried to pretend like he had any idea who he was or what was happening. He's a good sport.
  • I joined a gym today. I put it off for a log time because I was nervous about leaving M in the childcare while I exercised. I needn't have worried -- M took one look at the place and ran to join the crowd. She never even looked back. I, I am ashamed to report, cried. Just a little bit, though. I checked on M a little later, and she was following around one of the staff, an adoring look on her face. And when I went to pick her up, the little sucker actually tried to hide from me. No separation anxiety for my kid, apparently.
  • On a related note, I get two hours of childcare time a day at the gym, and I must say I'm absolutely giddy at the thought. I can't actually leave the gym, but that's not a problem, as I think I could live there. They have two pools, two hot tubs, a cafe, a salon and spa, and of course all of the fitness facilities. I have every intention of using every second of my allotted child-free time. Is that bad?
  • It's been quite the love fest around here since M has learned to express like and love. She tells me if she likes what she's eating (very helpful), and it practically promiscuous in her declarations of love. As of right now, M has informed me that she loves Daddy, Ernie, her stuffed elephants, the dinosaurs I let her play with at Target, her best friend and his mom, and her grandparents. Notice that Mommy appears nowhere on the list of the beloved. I swear I'm not bitter.


K&M said...

I'd use every last second! Its good to recharge the mommy batteries.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory that M doesn't say she loves you, because it is just assumed. You are the closest person to her ... why announce that? Does that make any sense?