Monday, September 10, 2007


Have I mentioned how much I love my home? My home with its bright, airy rooms, clean(ish) floors and bathrooms, carpets that have been vacuumed in the last two weeks, functional appliances, light fixtures with real, working bulbs, a car to which I have unfettered access and (best of all), a complete lack of dog crap.

Yeah, I've been away. Visiting my mom. It was not a great time, but I'll go into that later. Right now, I have to go kiss my shower.

P.S. -- M was as glad to be home as I was. She ran in, yelled "my toys!" and spent the next half-hour hugging them all.

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Miss said...

I'm assuming all the things that you appreciate you didnt have at your moms? I feel for ya! Its always great to come home after a trip.