Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things I love

Once again, I have decided enough with the negativity. Here are some things currently making me happy:

1. When M sings along to the radio. She usually only gets every third word or so, but always manages to catch up by the end of a line. Plus, she recites along with the spoken-word parts of her Bert and Ernie CD.
2. Cookie Monster. I'm 32 years old, and I still think he's funny.
3. Our local library, which actually has books I like to read. It's my little luxury, those twice-monthly trips to load up on reading materials.
4. The fact that fall is coming. I love this time of year so very much, and I always look forward to it, even though summer's been pretty good (reproductive issues aside, of course).
5. The fact that I get to shop for M's fall wardrobe. I'm just itching for the cooler weather to hit, so I have an excuse to buy jeans and crocs and sweaters and jackets.
6. My gym, and the wonderful women in the childcare center, who always tell me that my daughter is cute. Because what I really need is a bigger head where M is concerned.
7. The fact that M totally believes me when I tell her that giraffes say "dup dup dup," and will now tell anyone who asks that this is, in fact, the sound a giraffe makes. She'll also tell you that Mommies and Daddies say "I LOB youuuu!"
8. That M says "thank you, Mama" when I give her something, "bless you" when anyone sneezes, and always says goodbye to the playground implements when she stops playing on them.
9. Singing with my kid, and the fact that sometimes she just like to cuddle and sing songs together.
10. That I can now trust M with non-board books. I'm so excited to do some book shopping.
11. Starbucks.
12. That being the parent of a small child allows you to act like a dork. Like yesterday, when I fed M soup with goldfish-shaped noodles, and told her it was "fishy-ssoise." (geddit? huh? geddit? Like vicheyssoise! I slay me.) She also totally believed that, and spent the rest of the evening shouting fishy-ssoise! at random times.


Katrina said...

That is a great list!

Jana said...

What a great idea to post a "Happy List." I think I'm going to steal it! And I'm completely with you on #4 - fall is definitely my favorite season.

meh said...

Holy Cow. Only you could come up with such an awesome list. Don't even try to duplicate. The true R that I have always known and loved comes back with a vengence with the whole soup thing. You are so brilliantly funny beyond any comedian ever. I so miss that in my daily life. When are you coming back to work with me?? Oh yeah, right. Never. Well I can dream can't I??