Monday, September 24, 2007

Playing me Like a Fiddle

So, M has a new trick. Any time I reprimand her, even with the mildest "no," or half-stern look, she starts to cry and says "I sowee Mama!" It's like the nuclear bomb of toddler-parent relations, and it definitely caught me defenseless. I mean, how can you remain firm in the face of such abject remorse?

Of course, since I'm supposed to be the "parent" and "adult" in this relationship, I've had to feign a heartlessness I don't really feel. "I know you're sorry, baby," I say, "but you still can't hit mama/fling your dinner/try my cocktail (Mine! all mine!)." Then I pick her up and cuddle her, because I dare any human being to look into that tear-streaked face and not cuddle.

Also, she has learned how to tickle me. She's pretty good at it, too. Damn.

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