Friday, October 19, 2007


I haven't been posting much lately, because every time I sit down to wrote, I either (a) get interrupted by a very determined toddler saying "mama, play with me!" or (b) lose the ability to form complete sentences. Seriously, the writer's block is something to behold. As a result, I have a list of 6 or so blog topics I've jotted down and never actually followed through on (and some for which I can no longer remember what it was I meant to write.) So I've decided to write them all (in abbreviated form). Here they are, sorted into The Good, The Bad, and the "oh my god, you should be committed."

  • I'm in my third year with my town's choir. at warm-up each week for the past two years, we've been asked to sing scales while doing a lip trill (it's basically a musical raspberry). I finally managed to accomplish this task (after years of blowing futilely). Why? Because I've spent the last several months making elephant noises for M. Who says you don't learn anything from small children (ok, nobody says that. But still).
  • I finally spoke to The Boy about my little problem with food. He was incredibly supportive, and has been helping me avoid junk food. I figure that's the first step on getting a handle on all of my bad eating habits. Every night, he comes home and asks if I've eaten junk that day. And every day, as I eye the candy aisle in Target or the grocery store, I remember that I really, really hate lying to my husband, and I put the chocolate back.
  • Speaking of the Boy, have I mentioned lately how he's a great father? I love listening in as he gives M her bath before bedtime. The two of them clearly enjoy each other so much.
  • M is turning into a great little companion. I love just hanging out with her, playing games and singing songs and making each other laugh.
  • We went to the state fair this week, and had a great time. M had her very first pony ride, and is reported to have spent the entire time yelling "whoo hoo! I'm riding a horse!" I couldn't hear her, because I was too busy feeling guilty about the poor ponies attached to that contraption which basically makes them living carousel horses.
  • I'm about 70% sure I'm not pregnant this month, and I'm a little scared about going on the Clomid next week. I hear the side effects are quite nasty. I think I'd be more enthusiastic if I thought there was any chance it would work. But I know I've been ovulating, the problem is clearly mechanical. Having more eggs floating uselessly in my abdomen isn't really going to do me much good. Still, along with the drugs comes monitoring ultrasounds, so at least we'll know which side on which I"m ovulating in any given month, so I won't get my hopes too high if it's the "wrong" side.
  • Yet another friend announced her pregnancy last week, after only two months of trying. And today, she blew me off for a mom's night we'd planned, because "the first trimester is just kicking her butt." Now, I know how much those first few months can suck, but really! She knows all about my problems. Would it have killed her just to say she couldn't make it, rather than flaunting her pregnancy in my face like that? (come to think of it, this little rant may belong in the "should be committed" section).
  • I am developing quite the iced coffee habit.
  • My little secret plan to have bariatric surgery after we're done with this whole baby chase has been busted. The Boy knows someone who's been having some complications from her own surgery, and is adamantly against me doing it. Rats.
  • M is still as cranky as all get out lately, and her moods turn on a dime. One minute, she's charming and funny, and the next minute, her head rotates a full 360 degrees.
  • I haven't been to the gym at all this week. I keep making excuses -- M is grouchy, it's too late in the day, it's too hot, it'll be too busy at the childcare if we go now, etc. I really need to stop making excuses and just go already (but not today. It's already 4:00, and M's still sleeping. I'm going to need to take her somewhere where she can run around, or else she'll never sleep tonight).
  • I tend to consider myself a fairly non-competitive mom. (stop laughing!). But sometimes, this horrible, competitive beast rises up in me and I have to fight not to go nuts and push M to work beyond her capabilities. Case in point: There's one kid in our playgroup whose mom is very pushy (not competitive, she just pushes her own kid). She started potty training as soon as her kid can walk, is whole-hog into sign language (her kid's as fluent in ASL as M is in spoken English), and is teaching her kid to speak two languages right now. She's apparently also taught her kid the alphabet already, as the child was standing in front of the refrigerator, pointing to all of the letter magnets and naming them correctly. Now, I know full well that at two years old, no kid needs to know all of their letters (though if I'm going to be honest, I should mention that M can identify a-d on sight). But as soon as I saw that other kid saying her letters, I was frantic with the desire to make sure M learned hers. Luckily, I came to my senses before I made any flash cards.
  • I just spent the bulk of M's naptime browsing Zillow, seeing how much homes are worth in our town. I really need to be less nosy.
Ok, I think that's everything. I'm hoping that now that my head's empty (stop laughing!), I'll be back to writing normal posts soon.

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