Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mission Accomplished?

Ok, I'm probably being as premature as that, umm, other guy that other time. But I think that M may just be weaned. She hasn't nursed since Wednesday and, although she still asks to nurse several times a day, see seems neither surprised nor particularly disappointed when we say no. I'm all proud that, with a 25 day window in which to mean, we managed to accomplish it in about 8 days.

The downside to this is that M's mood sleeping habits have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. She's as cranky as all get out, and she'd been up between 4 and 6 times a night for the last several nights. The boy and I have been trading off getting up with her, which basically means we're both zombies.

The upside of weaning (besides the obvious) is that now that her mouth isn't full at bedtime, M is full of interesting chatter. Last night, as she happily chatted away, I decided to ignore her until she stopped talking. This led to the following exchange:

M: Nose! (she'd decided to play the "name-your-body-parts" game).
M: Nose!!
M: NOSE!!!
M: Mama? (she knows darn well I can't ignore a direct address)
ME: Yes, baby?
M: Nose!

Then she told me she was tired and embarked on a course of exaggerated yawning and stretching that left me choking with the effort of not laughing. I tell you, she may be a pain in the rear at moments, but M is always entertaining.

In other news, the Boy and I threw a party this weekend. For once, we worked together perfectly to pull it off. No nagging, miscommunication, or raised voices. It was really fun. (of course, since every silver lining must have a cloud, I am chalking my good mood all weekend up as evidence that I am not pregnant this month).

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zaphod ~~ just this guy, you know? said...

Just wanted to drop a note-- and you're lucky... my twins made me go cold turkey on the breast feeding just before their first birthday... I wasn't ready yet!! *pouting* good luck with the sleeping- we use xm radio set to either the classical channel or 77- the "new age" music.. Enya & Loreena Mckennet (sp) knocks them out usually by 5 minutes.
ttfn & see you on CafeMom