Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Left Field

Is anyone else hating those Visa commercials? You know, the ones where everyone's shopping and in perfect synch, then someone tries to pay with cash or a check and everything comes to a screeching halt and everyone stares at the offender like she's a serial killer? Since when, I'd like to know, is it socially irresponsible not to buy things on credit? To pay for one's purchases with money one, say, had already earned? Perish the thought!

Or maybe I'm just oversensitive because I just re-read the Handmaid's Tale. For those unfamiliar with it, it's Margaret Atwood's feminist dystopia. It's set in a vaguely defined future where an act of terrorism has wiped out congress, leading the president to suspend the Constitution and impose martial law. Problem is, those in power are religious extremists intent on rolling back any gains women have made since biblical times (and then some). In a cashless society, they effectively rob women of all economic power simply by suspending their bank accounts. So right at the moment, the thought of anything that nudges us even further into a cashless society kind of freaks me out.


Jana said...

I can't stand those commercials, either. Sometimes paying with cash is a lot easier than using a credit/debit card.

I haven't read the Handmaid's Tail, but I just might have search for it at the library on our next trip...sounds quite interesting.

meh said...

OK I am officially on the dark side. I can't stand it when people hold up the line at the grocery store by paying with a CHECK for Goodness sake - are you in the dark ages? Cash? Ok for less than 10 dollars, but please don't make them make change! And maybe b/c my credit card gives me 5% back on all grocery purchases, I am biased. And I am going at "240" all the time, as you well know, and I have no patience. Flawed in so many ways, am I. The book sounds fantabulous!