Thursday, November 01, 2007


Happy November, everybody! We had a fabulous Halloween. It started off with our playgroup/Halloween party in the morning. There may be things cuter than a dozen almost-two-year-olds running around in costumes, but I can't think if any right now (M was a dragon, and trust me when I tell you, it was adorable). The kids all had a blast doing the Monster Mash, decorating "pumpkins" made out of plastic plates, and bouncing in the group's new bounce house. Plus, M figured out that if she reached up to just the right spot on the kitchen table, she could reach the Tostitos our hostess had put out for the adults. I saw her there munching, asked her what she was eating, and she calmly lied "crackers." It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what she was really up to.

From there, it was home for the Great Halloween Naptime Wrangle, which had better not be an annual tradition. But she finally dozed off, and slept long enough to get through the main event of the day, her very first stint Trick-or-Treating. I was a little worried that she wouldn't really enjoy the experience, but since the Boy was determined that we not buy a lot of candy this year, I had to get my fix somehow, so off we went.

I am happy to report that M took to ToTing like a duck to water. It did take her a few houses to get the idea -- at the second house we visited, she tried to give them the treat we got at the first place, and so forth. But eventually she figured it out and grubbed candy with the best of them. By the end, I could even get her to whisper Happy Halloween about 10 seconds after each door closed.

Once we got home, I broke and let M have some of her candy. She bit her first M&M in half, and I swear her eyes glowed red for a second. "MMMM Lishus! Moah!" I let her have about half the packet, then tried to get her to tell me what she wanted for dinner. Meatballs? No. Spaghetti? no. Mac and Cheese? No. Well, what, then? "chock-o-lit!"

I think I'd better hide the rest of her candy before she starts thinking that it belongs to her or something, and refuses to share with Mommy.

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Jana said...

"Chock-o-lit". Love it!!!!!