Sunday, November 04, 2007

All Aboard the TMI Express

So, we've reached the middle of our first Clomid cycle. I had my Day-13 ultrasound yesterday, and it was not a pleasant experience. The appointment was at 8:00 am, and I went alone, figuring it would be too hard to wrangle the baby and pay attention to what was going on. This turned out to be a mistake, as the first question the doctor asked me when I walked into the office was "who did you bring with you today?" Turns out, I needed a chaperone (since it was just him and I in the office). His receptionist was supposed to tell me when I made my appointment, but she forgot. I ended up having to wait until his next patient arrived and then have her chaperone us.

The ultrasound itself wasn't too bad. I have one mature follicle (20 mm) and one slightly immature (16 mm) on the right side, and a 15-mm one on the left side. Since my only remaining tube is the right one, this is great news. It means that there's at least a chance that we can conceive this month.

I had figured we'd have the ultrasound and I'd be on my merry way, to try for the next few days and hope I caught my actual day of ovulation. However, the doctor had other ideas -- he said he'd give me a trigger shot to induce ovulation within 36-40 hours. The shot itself wasn't so bad, though it was kind of awful trying to roll my beached-whale body onto my stomach while simultaneously maintaining my death grip on the pitifully small privacy sheet they I had.

Overall, I'd been pretty cocky this cycle. We'd heard all sorts of horror stories about Clomid and it's side effects, so The Boy spent the 5 days I was on it watching me like I was going to explode at any moment. I, however, had no side effects at all (and was very proud of myself for it). I also took the HsG shot like an adult, with a minimum of whining. No problem, I thought. I'm great at this infertility thing! I'll totally be able to handle IVF!

Then I woke up this morning, and I feel disturbingly like the way I did the day we discovered my ectopic. I have ovulation pains from hell, and I'm both exhausted and totally nauseated. That harmless little trigger shot is kicking my butt.

Still, it's only for a few days (right?). And this month represents our best shot so far at avoiding IVF. We know we've got a mature egg on the correct side, and we know exactly when I'm supposed to ovulate. Despite myself, I'm feeling a little bit optimistic.


Jana said...

I am so glad the Clomid didn't give you the horrible mood swings I've heard so much about. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Clomid/trigger shot combo works for you this month!!!

meh said...

YOu know, I've been meaning to tell you, I'm not sure why you're afraid of Clomid. That's how I got my twins (of course, my doctors were miffed that I actually had twins on clomid - first patient ever to do so. but I knew that on the off chance I actually ovulated that month, the clomid might give me two - for which I have been so grateful). Anyway, I never had any problems other than I did get hot flashes. But it was very worth it. OH and I did have super pains the month I was pregnant - I thought I had yet another cyst (yet another of my problems - when I did ovulate, it turned into a cyst). I could barely walk for 2 days. Turns out I was actually pregnant. Strange.