Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Straight to the Heart

I was rocking M to sleep the other night, and she was in full chatterbox suck-up mode: "My mommy. I looooove my mommy. I snuggle mommy. Mommy's so pretty." What could I do? I bought her a car.

But tomorrow, I'm taking her to get her eyes checked.

In IVF news, I had my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. Ultrasound looks good, now I'm just waiting for my estrogen levels (and yes, the fact that it's quarter to four in the afternoon and I haven't heard back yet is freaking me out). Assuming they're not avoiding calling me because something horrible was found in my blood, I'll start follisitim on Saturday.

(and no, of course I did not actually buy M a car. What kind of indulgent parent do you think I am? It's only a lease.)

*updated 4:08 pm* Why do I even bother with optimism? Estradiol elevated at 248. Normal is 50-75. No IVF for at least two weeks, if at all. Seriously, is one damn thing going to right for me with all of this? Why am I even bothering?


Katrina said...

Dang. I wish I could help some way. Feel free to poke me the eye if you know/do this already...have you cut out soy? Soooo many plant estrogens and I know it can really screw up men's sperm counts, can't be good for us chicks either.

Paranoid said...

I don't eat a lot of soy to begin with, but it's worth a shot -- tofu is hereby banned from my diet.

I suspect that the issue is my weight (look! I'm blaming things on my weight again! How novel!) But I know I've read that obesity can lead to elevated estrogen levels. However, once again, the nurse pooh-poohed the idea. So who knows? Guess it's just yet another waiting game.