Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bring on the Sharp Sticks!

My box of medicines arrived today, along with many, many needles. The progesterone ones are indeed scary, so I keep reminding myself how lucky I'll be if we even get to use them (this AMH issue has me really worried about having to cancel my cycle before we even get to the progesterone part). By comparison, the Follistsim needles look petite, even non-threatening. I'm sure they'll be a piece of cake (HA! have I ever mentioned that, until I was pregnant with M and it got beaten out of me, I was so phobic of needles that I'd literally faint every time I got a shot or a blood draw?) I'm hoping my (absolutely, utterly false) bravado will carry me through actually sticking myself with said needles. At least I have this great patch of numbness on my abdomen (a souvenir from my c-section), which I hope will act like a natural anesthetic. Failing that, I am open to any and all tips on how best to stab myself.

In other news, M has taken to calling The Boy "regular daddy." She picked it up because I was on the phone with The Boy the other day, and she kept asking if I was talking to her granddaddy. I said "no, I'm talking to regular daddy," and it stuck. For some reason, I find this incredibly funny.

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Katrina said...

That is funny!

And don't worry about the stim shots. Sometimes Follistim burns a little, but its not awful. Can't say the same about the PIO, you just have to think happy thoughts about puppies and kittens or that the shot is going into your least favorite person's eye. ;o)