Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Day (Updated)

So, about 11.5 hours until retrieval, and I'm nervous as a cat. My right side (where the "good" ovary is) is hurting much less than it was yesterday, so I'm half-convinced I've already ovulated and we'll get nothing tomorrow.

But aside from that, I'm choosing to think positive thoughts. I'm trying not to think TOO positive, because that way lies disappointment and tears, but neither am I convinced there will be trouble. I'm trying just to be zen and to take whatever comes. It's not like I have any control, anyway, so why freak out?

Thanks to everyone who's expressed their good wishes. I'll post an update tomorrow.

Update: 10 eggs retrieved -- six from the left (unlikely to fertilize, since they weren't mature), and 4 from the right. We lost two of the eggs on the right, though I'm not clear on why. Did I ovulate them out? Dr. just said the follicles were empty.

We should know tomorrow whether anything fertilized, then have the transfer on Saturday. The doc doesn't want to wait for a 5-day transfer because he doesn't think I'll have enough embryos to wait that long. So, we wait...


Nicole said...

Sending thoughts for a good retrieval. Hope all goes well.

Katrina said...

I hope everything goes smoothly and that you have a good number of healthy eggs retrieved!

Mrs.X said...

Oh, sending good fertilization thoughts! It just takes one!