Monday, March 10, 2008

Things that are making me smile right now

1. M has decided she's a cat. She crawls around the house, meowing, and asks us to give her treats, which she then eats out of our hands. It's weird and it's adorable.

2. M's word for elevators -- "fishalators." I don't know where it came from, but I cannot bear to correct her. I kind of hope she'll be calling them fishalators forever.

3. M again, saying "you have a leeeetle tiny boo-boo, and I'll make it feel better," then stroking my arm or tummy. This happens every night when I get my shots and every time I come home from getting my blood drawn with gauze taped to my arm.

4. M (ok, I'll stop soon), faced with a singing rubber ducky: "I cannot believe it! The ducky is singing!"

5. Cadbury Mini Eggs.

6. Dr. Untrustworthy, muttering "you've responded much better than we'd expected" as he plays find-the-ovary with the dildocam (seriously, why does it take him 20 minutes and tons of prodding to find what the nurses find in one minute? And why is he the doc who'll be doing my retrieval? I hope he practices his didlocamming skills before then).

7. Oh, yeah. Did I forget to mention? Trigger tonight, retrieval on Wednesday. Considering that neither of the docs at my clinic expected me to make it this far, I am giddy with hope and happiness.


Katrina said...

OOOOO! I am a knot of crossed parts for you!

Love the cute things M says, fishalator being a fave.

Could not agree more with #5 either. ;o)

FiestyKel said...

I am giddy for you!! Best wishes for a great result at EPU and transfer!

judy said...

I am giddy with faith for you and smiling at M's adorableness.