Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cautiously Ecstatic

First monitoring appointment was today. All I wanted was to stay in the game, which meant I needed at least five follicles. I have seven; two on the left and five on the right. So, that's one huge worry down.

The news is not all good, though. Apparently, the nurse is worried that they won't be able to get to my right ovary to retrieve the eggs, because it seems to be hiding out. So add "hope that my ovary moves" to the list of worries for this cycle.

But still, I can't bring myself to be too worried just yet. I'm far too busy being grateful that at least one of my ovaries seems to be responding to stimulation.

Oh, and I'm still sick as a dog.


Mrs.X said...

Fingers crossed that your ovaries will continue to participate! Cautiously ecstatic indeed!

judy said...

To your ovaries..I think I can I think I can