Monday, March 17, 2008

Embryos on Board

So, two "excellent, sell-them-on-ebay" embryos transferred this morning, with three others on ice. We're incredibly lucky.

Although, the doctor, upon hearing the cough I have left over from the plague of a few weeks ago, strongly suggested that I take a cough suppressant. I can't really cough the embryos out, can I?


Nicole said...

LOL. You have a lovely sense of humor about life. While I was going through fertility treatments, I would have never been able to joke about "sell them on eBay" (classic, btw) or coughing them out.

Thanks for the continued laugh.

Paranoid said...

You are very, very kind, but I can't take credit for that line. That was a quote from the embryologist. She, as you may be able to tell, rocks.