Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Kid is Weird

M and I hosted playgroup today, and I decided to do an Easter party. We've been a part of this playgroup since M was six weeks old, and the kids all know each other well and play well together, so it's always kind of a blast.

This week was no exception -- I did a little Easter Egg hunt, and the kids were totally into it. It was fun seeing the different ways the different kids approached things -- some raced around, picking up eggs and putting them in their baskets like they were supposed to. Others (M included), would pick up one egg at a time and open it up to get at the treats inside before moving on (I'd stuffed them with bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies). Still others (bless them) would pick up eggs and immediately try to share them with the other kids. I'd "hidden" 5 dozen eggs, and the six kids there had them all found within 5 minutes. It was quite a sight.

Then we decided to color eggs. I'd originally thought that the moms would color eggs while the kids ran around and played, but the kids clearly had other ideas. Each and every one wanted to chuck eggs into the dye. Luckily, our group of moms is right on top of things, so there was very little dye-splashing.

But then there's my kid. As soon as the first egg came out of the dye, she had to touch it, then she licked her fingers. Now, this was your standard dye-from-a-kit, made with a mix of vinegar and water. Gross, right? Not to M. She went after that stuff like it was a juice box. We wouldn't let her near the actual cups of dye (naturally), so she just kept trying to grab the eggs and lick them. And once we put them up out of her reach, she went around the back of the cabinet where they were, and tried to climb up and reach them surreptitiously. She apparently just loves the taste of vinegar.

I tell ya, weird.

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Amy said...

My brother was a strange child, too. He used to drink the juice from the pickle and olive jars. He couldn't even wait for them to be empty first. So gross. He also used to make sandwiches with nothing but Miracle Whip. But for what it's worth... he turned out OK, depending on your definition of 'OK'.