Friday, April 04, 2008

The Best Age

When I was in college, my best friend and I decided we really liked being 18. 18 was a great age -- we were away from parental influence for the first time, we could vote, we were adults! We liked being 18 so much that we decided just stay 18 until we turned 21 (after all, what's exciting about 19 or 20?) We figured we'd turn 21 and then stay there for a few years until we found another age we liked better. (as far as I know, we're still 21, although 29 gave it a run for it's money).

I find myself thinking about our "age stick" a lot lately, because I'd really like for M to stay two for a couple of years. I loooove two. Two is cuddles and "I love you, mommy" and "can I help, mommy" and trying new things. Two asked me yesterday "Mommy, I have paper towel to clean up milk?", then actually proceeded to clean up the milk she'd spilled. Two decided this morning that she wanted to wear panties like a big girl, and who hasn't had an accident yet (ok, it's only been two hours, but still.) Two sits nicely at a restaurant and tries to eat with an adult-sized fork. Two picks books from the library shelf and confidently tells me their titles based on the illustrations on the cover ("this one's called The Animals in the Barn") Two is curious and compassionate and cute as all get out. Who wouldn't want Two to stick around?

The truth is, Three scares me. I've known a fair number of three-year-olds, and even when I've loved them, I haven't liked them very much. Every time I've spent more than an hour or so in the company of a three-year-old, I've found myself getting twitchy. Three thinks it's waaay smarter than it is. Three knows it all, and makes sure you know it knows. Three is brash and braggy and (dare I say it?) annoying. I have a hard time stomaching the idea of being home with a three year old all day, every day, for the greater part of a year (luckily, it seems like Three really only lasts about 10 months or so).

So, I'm putting the kibosh on this Three thing early. I hereby declare that M shall be Two until October 2009, at which point she will be allowed to be three until she turns four two months later. I think I can manage two months of Three.

There, that'll fix everything.


Nicole said...

What a sweet post. Honestly, it was very well written.

My three has all those two qualities still (whew) plus "It's not fair!" Other than that, she's a peach. But I think I'll follow your example and put a hold on 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. My girls can go straight from 9 to 18 without all the tween and teenage-girl lip that comes with everything in-between. So glad you thought of that!

Mrs.X said...

I'll tell you - my father still tells me that his favorite time with me was when I was 3. I don't know how much of a compliment that is now, but apparently I was just an adorable little girl. So, enjoy your two girl and know that she'll probably still be around for 3 (and beyond).