Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Child From Another Planet

There are times when I just have to look at my child and wonder exactly where she came from. Case in point: She adores shoe shopping. Seriously, it's one of her favorite treats. Worse, she has terrible taste in shoes -- if it's sparkly, tarty or otherwise totally inappropriate for a toddler, she's in love. I took her to Target yesterday, and she spent a happy 10 minutes looking at all of the different shoes and trying them on. These I could deal with. These looked uncomfortable, but not so bad. But these? Or these? Yikes. Uncomfortable, impractical and ugly.

I can only be grateful that she didn't see these.

Then there's the jigsaw puzzle thing. Now, I am not a patient person. Give me a jigsaw puzzle, and likely as not within five minutes I'll be pounding the heck out of it, trying to make non-fitting pieces fit. Not so my kid. She has only one puzzle, and it only has 24 pieces, but she's totally enthralled. She can spend a good half hour at a time putting it together and taking it apart and putting it together again. Me, I'd shoot myself first.

And speaking of enthralled, M has, through no fault of my own, caught on to the fact that we're going to Disney World. She has no idea what that is, but she knows it has something to do with her newest hero, Winnie the Pooh. She's telling anyone who will listen that she's going to the Hundred Acre Woods and is going to visit Pooh and Piglet and Eeyore and Kanga and Little Roo (and she always says "Little Roo.") I'm having a devil of a time explaining to her that we're not going anywhere until September.


Nicole said...

OMG - Are our children related? I hate shoe shopping. I'm perfectly happy walking around barefoot. But Miss K will beg for me to buy ANY shoe or boot. You're right, sparkly, glittery, gaudy and she's all in.

As for puzzles - mine love puzzles as do I. I always start with the middle and will slap the hand of anyone working on the edges first. You need to go to the Dollar store and get your kiddo some more puzzles. A buck each is worth it. Otherwise, check out the new pieceless puzzle. Funky but cool. I received one free to review and ended up buying almost all the other varieties they had at the time.

Mrs.X said...

What a wonderful post. Regarding shoe shopping - my mother *hates* to shop. Her mother *loved* to shop. Me? I'm with grammie on this one. We often joke that the shoe gene skipped a generation from grannie straight to me. I have never asked my mom how it made her feel that I had such different taste, but I'm sure it was an eye opening experience.

I'm also shocked at how adult the styles for toddlers are now. Some of those look like fashions I've seen on 50-year olds!

And I have a feeling you're going to be hearing about Winnie for quite some time. I hope you have a fabulous time at Disney!

judy said...

I love her already and want her for my own (see my recent shoe blog)
As for dear Winnie, you may hear about it daily, but it is a trip you can use as leverage if necessary....Like "If your not nice we can't go see..."