Monday, May 05, 2008

Tiny Little Milestones

We went on a road trip to visit my family this weekend, and the trip ushered in some little milestones for me and M:

-- I actually managed to give myself my own Lupron shots twice this weekend, once in a moving car! Now, granted, the car was mostly stopped in traffic, but still. For a girl who until a few years ago was deathly afraid of needles, it's a big deal.

-- M has somehow learned to control her bladder. Twice this trip, she told us she needed to go potty, then actually held on (for as much as 6-8 minutes), while we found a place to get off the highway and get to a bathroom. I know that this is both TMI and not really a big deal, but The Boy and I were impressed.

-- M also watched The Little Mermaid for the first time this trip. Also for the second, third, fourth and fifth times. Frankly, the Boy and I both hated the idea of TV in the car, but for a trip that totaled 18 hours (round trip), we were willing to compromise our principles.

That's all for now. As usual, I have a lot of thoughts about the trip, my family and other things, all of which I will attempt to marshal into a coherent post once I've caught up on my sleep a little.


Nicole said...

Congrats on both cases! It's awesome when you reach those potty milestones - I remember our first trip when we had that issue. Unfortunately, she kept saying she needed to go then when we would stop she wouldn't go. We finally figured out that she just wanted out of the car!

As for the Lupron shot, it's awesome that you overcame such a hurdle! I remember needed to give myself a shot in the car once and it was an absolute mess. Me - not the shot.

The Girl Next Door said...

OH My Dear those are not tiny steps of which you speak - they are huge milestones. I think we all remember the "First potty test trip." You Go Girl(s)!!