Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Singing Yet

This cycle, I'd planned to have a little self-control. But it happens that I'm married to a man even more impatient than I am. Monday night, he looks at me and says, "so, when can you test?" I told him we'd be 5dpt on Tuesday and could maybe test, but that I'd planned on waiting a few more days. He asked me to change my plans.

So I tested yesterday, using the dollar-store cheapie I had left over from the last cycle. I find those tests reliable, but really darn hard to read since the whole test strip tends to turn pink, with the line (or lines) only showing up near the end of the testing time frame. But there was no mistaking it -- once the pink cleared, there were two lines. The second line was as faint as it could possibly be while still technically being called a line, but it was definitely there. We grinned goofily at it for a few moments before trading assurances that of course, it's still early, and anything could happen.

Of course, I cannot leave well enough alone. Yesterday afternoon, I bought a 3-pack of First Response early tests and took one immediately. Again, faaaaaint line. The kind of line that you know is there only because you've seen so many of those FR tests when they're resoundingly negative that you know even the faintest line means something.

The second test, I'll admit, made me a little optimistic. I dared to think myself pregnant, and decided to be happy in that moment, no matter what may happen later.

But I wouldn't be me if I wasn't worry about something. This morning's test (6dp5dFET) was no darker than yesterday's, and could even be a little lighter, if such a thing is possible. So I'm no longer thinking I'm really pregnant, but I also don't necessarily think there's a problem or that this cycle failed. I guess we just don't know much more than we would if I hadn't tested.

Bottom line, if I'd waited to test tomorrow and had come up with a line like today's, I'd be thrilled. It's just the extreme faintness of the lines combined with the fact that they don't seem to be getting darker that's keeping me cagey.

So now I need to hear from you. Tell me about your tests and when you tested and how it all turned out. I'd especially love to hear from people who've done FET (no matter how it turned out).


Joonie said...

This is good news! I'm very hopeful and excited for you! Even if you can't bring yourself to hope just yet.

Katrina said...

Since you didn't have a trigger shot, I'd say that was a very good sign! I like the WM tests, and the dollar store ones are good too. Don't like the FRED's though... Gosh I am going to cross everything twice that those lines get darker and darker!

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

I wish I could remember how my POAS tests went but it's been so long that I don't even remember.

Regardless, I wanted to drop a comment to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping for the best!

Hokie said...

I'd say you have 2 good signs. The HPT and that great dream.
My mom used to always tell me she was having dreams I was pregnant (usually while I was on my period after a BFN!) and I pretty much blew her off.

But when I was pregnant, during my 2ww, I had the most vivid dream that I was in an OBs office and she was saying "Listen, you are definitely pregnant." It was weirdly reassuring, I woke up convinced I was pregnant. I've been wishing for another dream!

I would put money on pregnant!

P.S. Thanks for visiting and commenting

lori said...

hi, i'm the mama to a surprise FET miracle (she was the only embryo transferred, and that's why i was surprised to get a BFP!). i also got faint lines at the same dpt you are now. on beta day, the beta came back at 86 and it progressed well from there. we did have a major bump in the road in that my DD split, but we lost her twin (anatomical issue with my uterus? not sure what happened.)

hang in there. i'm wishing and praying for a big ol' fat POSITIVE for you on your beta day!

Mrs.X said...

I don't have any advice on the FET, but a faint line is a good sign, particularly since you didn't have the trigger. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kim said...

I found that darker lines do not always mean pg and lighter lines do not always mean m/c. Even the same brand of tests vary slightly with their sensitivity, so many times it means nothing. I could also have to do with how diluted or not your urine is. This is why I hated hpt and learned to wait for the beta- the guessing was killing me! Good Luck! I have also heard that betas for FETs tend to be a little lower than average, but not sure why. I also had pg dreams in my 2wwvonly when pg. Here from NCLM.

Rachelle said...

I hope you get really positive news! A faint line, especially on a dollar store test is great news! I got faint lines on those early on (but never did FET). I pray it is positive for good!

Mama Bear said...

I would think that even a faint line is good! when can you have a blood test done? good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Here from L&F.

I did a FET last November. I got a very faint +ve at 7dp6dt. The next day I got a -ve in the morning, then a faint +ve later in the day. The faint +ve didn't get darker til about 5 or 6wks pg. And yes that freaked me out!

My transfer was 21st Nov 07, so if you check my posts from around that time you should find it.

Tanya said...

I had IUI done... negetive until 19 days past ovulation... several days after I would have expected my period.

Bean said...

Thanks for visiting and for the crossed fingers. I've got mine crossed that those 2 lines keep showing up and getting darker!

momofonefornow said...

So, we did clomid. Two days after injection to spur ovulation we did the dead and five days later we tested. We knew it was stupid but we were so stinking anxious we couldn't stand it. Cheap walmart test came up with one line. Hubby and I cried for a few minutes and then resolved to wait two days to test. I got up to throw away that wretched stick and ...there was the faint second line. I hesitated to get to excited. We waited 2 days and checked again. It was a but darker. I had a bllod draw done on day 9 and day 10 we got the news, we were a little bit pregnant!

Anyway, that means that I believe in the faint second line. I hope it is the same for you. Good Luck!