Thursday, May 29, 2008

Starting to Believe

Today (7DPT), the line was a little darker. Plus, I burst into tears at TGI Friday's last night when I realized I'd forgotten I'm off caffeine and had ordered and drank almost an entire glass of iced tea.

Yeah, there's a chance I'm pregnant.

Today's NaComLeavMo discussion topic: what's the best vacation you've ever been on? Thus far, mine was my honeymoon. My in-laws gave us a cruise to Bermuda as a wedding gift. It was my first real experience going to the beach, and the first trip the Boy and I ever took alone together. We had such a great time that I'm toying with the idea of booking a 10th anniversary redo next year.

I will admit, though, that I'm hoping our upcoming Disney trip will blow our Honeymoon straight outta the water. It's ridiculous how exited I am for this, M's first major vacation.


Joonie said...

It's sounds like this is definitely your month! I'll be checking back for more updates.

Karen said...

don't worry about the one glass of caffeine. it's copious consumption of caffeine over a prolonged period you'd want to worry about, not one glass once in a while. Even in the first trimester. My husband's a pharmacist and takes a pretty laid back approach to such things. I can get more info from him if you want specific studies, but the bottom line is one glass? not a problem.

Hooray for a darker line!

Katrina said...

YAY! Disney will be fun, just plan for naps and snacks, always very important. I recommend a light backpack for hauling stuff in the park, worked great for us.

Kim said...

So happy for you! I say don't worry about the caffine either. My OB said a cup or two of coffee a day won't hurt but not to go over that amount.

Beth A. said...

How exciting - fingers crossed for continued good news!

I think the best vacation I've taken is to England to visit my then-boyfriend (now husband). He was doing his junior year abroad at the same university where I had done foreign study three years before. So in addition to getting to see more parts of England, I was able to visit a number of the friends I had made when I was there before. We haven't been able to afford to go back since, so I really value that I was able to see them again.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Yay for a darker line -- that's wonderful news! And I wouldn't worry too much about the caffeine, though I'm guessing the tears were hormonally-induced :)

As for the best vacation, I've had a lot of great ones, and for that I feel very fortunate. Among the best: a trip I took to Moorea (near Tahiti) with a friend in 2000; the two weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon in 2005; the Cayman Islands, where we went in 2002; Mexico to visit friends last spring. Evidently, I'm a beach girl. :)

kcmarie122 said...

Oh yay! That is really great news. The pregnant part, not the tears part! Ha Ha!

Good idea about a NaComLeavMo Topic!

Let's see, my favorite vacation was also my honeymoon. We went to Maui and it was the first time I had gone to the beach with my hubby. We did a lot more than just sit on the beach though. We did the bike ride down the volcano, a helicopter tour, drove road to Hana. Overall it was just awesome!

Wishing you lots of luck and ever darkening lines for you!

DC said...

I agree with the other ladies; I wouldn't worry abotu one glass of iced tea. Congrats on what appears to be great news!!

The best vaca I've ever taken was our honeymoon to Morea and Bora Bora. Bora Bora was the most amazing, beautiful place I'd ever seen. My second favorite is Rome. I love, love, love it there and can't wait to take my hubby and show him the sights!