Monday, July 14, 2008

Hopelessly Behind

I swear, I've been reading all of your blogs, and have even managed to comment on some. But for some reason, I cannot muster up the time and energy to post here these days. I have no real excuse, but here are a couple of things I have been musing on and haven't managed to write about:

1. Thank you, Girl Next Door, for the blog award. Right back atcha with the love. I promise I'll do the whole posting thing soon(ish), with the actual name of the award and passing it on and such. I just need some concentrated computer time to do it.

2. We just finished hanging out with The Boy's entire family for a week or so. It was fun, but also a touch exasperating. I'd dearly love to vent all of my feelings here, but I can't help thinking it would be mean, considering that The Boy still doesn't know about this blog. It's too much like talking about him behind his back, although he's not the one I'd be venting about.

3. The eighth anniversary of my father's death is today. I've been thinking a lot about him lately, wishing he could have met his granddaughter. Then again, if he were still alive, there's no guarantee we'd even be in contact right now -- our history was spotty at best. Still, we could have tried. I suspect there's a long post about this coming at some point.

4. Our Fourth of July was fun. M saw fireworks for the first time, and was delighted. She called them "fireworkers," and seemed to expect they'd be people. The whole time she was oohing and aahing at the show, she kept asking me "but where are the fireworkers, mommy?"

That's all for now -- computer time is over and the child calls.

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Anonymous said...

Magsmom - dont' worry, nobody short of superwoman can function during their first trimester. You will feel more energy soon.