Friday, November 07, 2008

No Nap + Boy Working Late = Crabby Me

This is happening more and more lately, and I have to say, I don't like it. The Boy took a new job about five months ago, and he's made it home before 7:00 pm maybe once since then. About once a week, he ends up staying late and not getting home until after 8 or 9 pm. I'm honestly trying to be supportive, but it really sucks. 15 hours of solid, no-break, awake time with an obstreperous three year old is about 6 too many.

Add in the time change, which is clearly a governmental conspiracy cooked up by people who hate parents, and things are even worse. M's been falling asleep an hour later than usual, and waking up an hour earlier. Today, she woke up at 5:00 am, and although I was able to coax her back to sleep for another hour, my own sleep was over. I'm tired and cranky and really, really sick of playing supportive wife while The Boy works endless hours. For fewer benefits and barely more pay than he had at his old job. I must have been on crack when I agreed that he should take this job instead of the 9-5, more-money-but-less-scope-for-career-advancement job he was also probably going to be offered.

And did I mention that when the baby comes, he'll be taking exactly one week off of work? I find this deeply scary, since when M was born, he'd already been off for five days before I even left the hospital (I was in labor for 30 hours, then spent three days in the hospital post c-section). I friggin' hate his new company and its beyond-stingy vacation policies, not to mention its non-existent paternity leave policy. If The Boy goes back to work two days after I get home from the hospital and leaves me with a brand new baby, a three-year-old and (probably) a whole lot of c-section recovery left to do, I may start considering divorce.

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