Friday, November 21, 2008

Not so bad

I had my diabetes education class today,and I'm feeling much better about things. Thanks to Rachel's tip about where to stick my finger, I got through that first blood test with a minimum of hysterics. I'd only had experience with (bad, painful, awful) office finger sticks, and was afraid that's what I'd be doing 4x a day, but the meter I have is small and it really isn't so bad. I can definitely do this for the next 9-12 weeks.

The diet, too, isn't as bad as I'd feared. My biggest worry was that my diet has already been so restricted this pregnancy, either by safety concerns (buh-bye, tuna fish and lunch meat) or food aversions (sayonara, chicken and other fish (because DH won't eat it)). I've been living on pasta, eggs and cheese, and was worried that 1/3 of my diet choices where going to disappear overnight. Luckily, the diet I got is much less restrictive than I remember the GD diet being when I was pregnant with M. I can eat pasta, bread, etc. It's really just sweets and fruit juice that are out. I can live with that.

In the meantime, M has turned into quite a lawyer. She argues with me over everything these days. Yesterday, she tried to get me to let her watch TV by claiming "but Mommy, my body needs tv!" It's hard to maintain a firm fascade when inside I'm screaming with laughter.

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Katrina said...

Oh yes....the fun of GD! Make sure you don't let your finger stabbers get dull...will hurt more.

Protein for breakfast or your post-breakfast test may look like you ate a bag of dixie crystals and don't forget the pre-bedtime protein snack! That will help sooo much with your morning numbers and how you feel overall. I had peanut butter and a glass of milk every night, I swear! (Ok I am a freak and eat straight PB...from the jar.) ;o)

Hang in there, it won't be so bad!