Thursday, December 11, 2008

Callerpittars, Chipbunks and Mermaid Necklaces

I've come to the conclusion that three-year-olds are thoroughly random beings. How else to explain the fact that M has taken three plastic beaded necklaces she's gotten as party favors, given them names and has decided that they're mermaids? What's more, she can spend endless amounts of time playing with these necklaces (mostly when she's supposed to be napping), making up elaborate stories and scenarios for her "mermaids." It's odd, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it endearing, too.

I'm also enjoying the various ways that M manages to mangle the English language (the title of this post contains two examples). I suppose it makes me a bad mom, but I just can't bring myself to correct many of her mispronounciations. I figure there's time for that later, so for now I'd rather enjoy the cuteness.

In other news, I am about to be 32 weeks pregnant, and I now resemble nothing so much as a red-headed weeble. These last two nights, sleep has become nearly impossible as I can't seem to get comfortable with this beach ball that suddenly seems to have taken up residence on my torso. But the baby is kicking up a storm, my blood sugars are well under control, and I'm really starting to believe that we may end up with a second child. So things are basically good.

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Nicole said...

Callerpittars and Chipbunks. You been talking to her with a stuffy nose? The other day at the store, Miss K (age 4) tried to tell hubby how much she wanted boo-blerries. blue-blerries. boo-berries. Aha. Blueberries. She knew what she wanted to say but just couldn't get it to come out right. Who knew the word blueberries was such a tongue twister!