Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stop Calling me Flounder

Another bits 'n Pieces post:

- These days, M is completely obsessed with The Little Mermaid. It's my own fault, as on our last three roads trips, I've allowed her unfettered access to the DVD. And I'll admit that of all of the insufferable Disney princesses, she's the most tolerable. But really, would it kill the kid to call me "Mommy" once in a while? Instead, we seem to be living inside a perpetual game of pretend, where she's Ariel, I'm Flounder, and The Boy is Sebastian. And not only does she call me "Flounder" exclusively now, but she corrects me if I call her anything but Ariel.

On the other hand, she's been walking around the house singing "Part of Your World" and "Kiss the Girl," which is both hilarious and adorable (since she knows only about 3/4 of the words, and understands only about half of them). And she does have a tendency to walk up, give me a hug and tell me I'm the best fish in the whole world. So, not all bad.

- This year, The Boy decided we needed to give ourselves a "family Christmas present," and he really, really wanted a Roomba. It arrived yesterday, and I kid you not, The Boy spent the entire evening watching it clean the living room. I'm not as impressed by the concept as he is, but I do have to admit that this little robot does a great job of cleaning. We set it up on our already pretty clean living room carpet (it had been vacuumed just Monday afternoon), and I was amazed at how much better the carpet looked afterwards. The downside is that it takes FOREVER -- seriously, that think worked on one room for over an hour! So it's not the tool you want to pull out if company's coming in a few minutes, but it is a great little gadget for regularly-scheduled cleanings. I can't wait to see what it does with our upstairs hallway, which is constantly under assault from tracked kitty litter and which I never feel as if our regular vacuum gets clean.

- I'm proud to say I'm doing pretty well with the while GD thing. A wonderful, beautiful angelic woman on a GD message board I've joined pointed me in the direction of Dreamfields pasta, which has made my life much more worth living. It looks, feels and tastes just like normal pasta, but through some magic of chemistry, the carbs in it don't get absorbed into your body and they don't cause a blood sugar spike. Between that and the Almond Milk I've been guzzling in place of my beloved regular milk, I've been able to keep my blood sugars under control without feeling totally deprived. Although I am already thoroughly sick of eggs.

-- My neighborhood is filling up with Christmas lights. They're so beautiful and I can't wait to get ours up. Christmas this year already feels so magical and special that I've been finding myself tearing up regularly over the sheer joy of it all. And M hasn't even met Santa yet...

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