Wednesday, January 21, 2009

But before I go...

One more little rant:

I had an appointment scheduled with my "old" OB today, and decided to keep it because (a) I'm not actually a patient at the new clinic until they get my medical records, and (b) I won't have an appointment with the new folks until next week, and the baby could be here by then.

When will I learn? Why am I so stupid? I decided to go along with the ultrasound the doctor had ordered (despite my misgivings) because I figured that there's nothing the old OB can do with that information, anyway. And, I figured that this baby would be roughly the same size M 9born at 38 weeks exactly, weighing 6lbs,4oz) had been, given that I haven't gained any weight and that I've been kicking butt on the GD diet.

The tech estimated that this baby, at 37w5d, already weighs 8 pounds, 12 ounces. In other words, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Now, I know full well that late-term ultrasounds are terribly unreliable. As in, they can be off by 2 pounds in either direction. But still, ahhhh! Even though I know it's irrational to do so, I'm kind of freaking out now. How am I going to birth a baby that big, especially since I'm not showing any signs of impending labor? I KNEW I should have cancelled the ultrasound.

And to make matters worse, when I saw the doctor afterward, he didn't even know I'd had the ultrasound. You know, the one he ordered? The one I spent two weeks fretting over, weighing the freak-out potential for me against his probable anger at my disregarding his order? He TOTALLY FORGOT HE'D ORDERED IT! I could have cancelled it and skated and he would have been none the wiser. I'm so mad at myself.

The good news is that the entire office could not have been kinder or more professional about my decision to switch. The Boy and I both thought we could discern a little bit of hostility under the doctor's calm demeanor, but he at least made the effort to make all of the right noises. And his staff made sure to get my medical records over to the new clinic asap, which I really appreciated.

So that's what's up here. Now I'm off to start obsessively googling "accuracy of ultrasound at 38 weeks."


Rachel said...

So annoying. Every one of my friends who has had a late-term ultrasound says it has been off by at least a pound. The ultrasound I had less than 12 hours before giving birth was off by a pound (and once the baby drops they get even more inaccurate, which had apparently happened when I had that ultrasound). With enough support, I'm sure you can have the birth you want, even if you have a large baby. And think how much easier it will be to take care of a bigger baby - they sleep longer and eat less often.

K said...

Max's u/s at 37w said he would be 9#. He was born 37w2d and weighed 7# 10oz. Don't put too much faith in it.

The Girl Next Door said...

Oh my dear sweet paranoid. it's why we love you so much b/c you are paranoid. You'll be great and the baby will be perfect. i have said it therefore let it be done..... and if that fails, I'm here cheering for you!