Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chasing the Urban Legend

I have a friend who was infertile. Back before I knew her, around the time we were thinking of trying for M, she did a cycle of IVF. It failed.

Six weeks later, she called her RE. Her period was late, she felt like crap, and she wanted to know what the heck was going on. She just wanted to be able to move onto the next cycle. He told her to take a pregnancy test.

The way my friend tells it, she cursed him out five ways to Sunday, told him to stop playing with her head, of course she wasn't pregnant, and why was he doing this to her? But he insisted, she tested, and her daughter (one of the coolest, funniest little kids I know) was born 7.5 months later.

Is it any wonder why, faced with this incredibly tangible proof that it happens sometimes, that I am secretly hoping that we'll somehow get knocked up this month? Of course, my friend was full of completely functional parts that just hadn't happened to be functioning, whereas I am not only missing at least one part, but key others appear nonfunctional at this point. But no matter. If it happened to her, dammit, it can happen to me!

Ahh, delusionville. It's such a nice place to live.


judy said...

of course it can happen. I think you should keep your head firmly planted in the thought that it will

Katrina said...

Ahhhh yes, I have been there many times, especially after the double ectopic.

*cue fuzzy dream sequence*

Sperm and egg can jump longingly into each others arms (they have arms in my dreams and look like Joaquin Phoenix and yours truly) across the great void and then back to my uterus. Doctors would stand back in awe at the wonder of this pregnancy...


Then I went back to researching creative ways to pay for IVF. ;o)