Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Well, That Didn't Suck (Too Much)

I was supposed to go in for my beta tomorrow morning. The clinic called this morning, though, and asked if I could make it in today instead, because their hematologist will be out tomorrow and they have 7 retrievals scheduled.

Well, at the exact moment they called, I was laying out food for playgroup, which I hosted this week. Usually, playgroup winds up around 1:00, the absolute latest I could get my blood drawn today. So I said no. But when the playgroup girls heard about it, they insisted they'd clear our early and that I should go get my test.

Ok, fine. Managed to get there with minutes to spare. Unfortunately, in the words of the embryologist, "I didn't bring my veins." Five sticks later, including one in my hand (ouch!) and one in each wrist (Ouch! Ouch!), I was tired of pretending it didn't hurt so as not to scar a very interested M for life, and they were tired of poking me. So I have to go to the big blood lab tomorrow and let them give it a shot. In the meantime, I look like a toddler who's gotten into the band-aid supply. Tape and gauze all over the place.

The news wasn't all bad, however. My favorite nurse, A, asked me if I'd "cheated," and I admitted I had and that I got my first BFP at 5dpt. After scolding me roundly for knowing I'm pregnant for over a week and not telling her (Is that done? Are you supposed to call your clinic with HPT results?), A must have gone and made an announcement or something. My doctor showed just in time to put the kibosh on the arterial draw the nurse was planning to try next, looking as close to smiling as I've ever seen her. She said the fact that I had an HPT that early is "very encouraging," and that the beta is merely a formality now. And also? She agreed to give me a super-early ultrasound next Tuesday. She was so pleasant and clearly happy that I'm choosing to ignore the fact that she sounded really damn surprised that I managed to get knocked up.

So, good day. And based on my doc's optimism, I'm ready to call it official, even without the beta. I'm pregnant.

(although, I'll admit, there's a little tiny voice that adds "...for now." to the end of that sentence every time I even think it).


Katrina said...

Enjoy this! With Max, after the mc and double ectopic, I decided I was going to try to enjoy every second even if it all ended tomorrow. Stay positive and got all my parts crossed that this little one sticks around to drive you crazy as a teenager. Cuz s/he will.

Joonie said...

Congratulations! Wishing for a wonderful beta results for you!

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

What wonderful news... even if it's unofficial! Yes, HPTs are standard as some clinics. If positive, notify them immediately so they can run blood test and start progesterone support or other proactive treatment immediately.

As for the poor blood draws - I insisted on butterfly needles (the little ones they usually use for kids) and showed them my strongest veins. After a bajillion draws, you get to know your body and what works best. It was always successful if they followed my request. Before your next draw, drink plenty of water - dehydration makes the veins 'hide'.

Congrats. Yay! WooHoo!

The Girl Next Door said...

WOOOO-HOOOOO. This is it!!! Enjoy the happy feeling. And praying it goes all the way to baby. I wish I could be there to hug you!!

Jana said...

Congratulations! I hope all your upcoming tests echo what you already know. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

alicia said...

oh wow! congrats!!!

here from NaComLeavMo

baby~amore' said...

hi and congratulations - wishing a great beta baby for you - this is so exciting.
I am an IVFer too
Yes , enjoy every day sticky uterus vibes ! Sorry to read of your ectopic and losing twins.

I'm here via NaComLeavCom from Sydney, Australia.

My Little Drummer boys
warm regards

starsgoblue said...

Congratulations! Best of luck to you!

Juicy said...

congrats! Like the mantra goes you are "pregnant today" and that's what matters now. Accept it and enjoy it. :)

(here from NCLM)

Anonymous said...

Wrists and hands, ouch!